Civil law

Whenever your situation calls for legal help, most probably it will be in the area of the civil law. It covers the widest range of life events such as buying and selling properties, divorces, reimbursements or debts. Our services, naturally, include representation before the courts and in continuing proceedings.

Business law

Business law – or corporate law if you will – is concerned with different business situations. It deals with establishing companies, transfers of shares, changes in the companies or their cessation. Here, also, we are dealing with reimbursements and responsibilities of corporations, managers and board members.

Criminal law

The general public sees this part of the law practice as concerning very narrow group of people, whereas in fact the need of a defense counsel in criminal proceedings can arise for any member of the public. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a defense counsel immediately after initiating contact with the authorities, even when you feel innocent. Criminal law also protects the injured party. In these cases it’s also highly advisable to retain the services of a legal counsel.

Municipal law

It is a complex network of statutory legislation that concern almost all aspects of life. It mainly deals with offenses and petty crime. These offenses are generally resolved by the administrative authorities in the course of the administrative procedures. Similar to other sectors members of the public have a right to legal counsel. The offenses include acts such as transportation offenses, civil cohabitation, public order etc. Municipal law though covers more then just the aforementioned few. These are administrative justice, municipalities and counties bylaws, right to petition, free access to information, suffrage and many others.